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Dr. Frights Halloween nights celebrates 10 years of horror in an all indoor scare park hosting 4 intense horror mazes and the Horror Bar featuring your favourite characters from the horror universe.

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Dr Frights Halloween night have a great setup being an all indoors scream park. With our turbulent weather this guarantees a dry night (at least from the rain!) Based in Northampton they offer 4 unique horror mazes which change every year.

Dr. Frights have again delivered 4 fairly unique mazes that have great theming, especially while queuing.

Parking and access to the site is no problem and the event is well organised enough that you’ll have no problem finding the site.

We visited Dr. Frights on their opening night, but this did not affect the quality of the scares. We a limited amount of people visiting on our night there was little to no waiting for the mazes and we went round in our small group. On busier nights the atmosphere would have been a little better, but the waiting times would have been longer – a catch 22!

Our favourite maze this year was The Woods; for a set built in a marquee it was detailed and well thought out. Our least favourite this year was Killer Clowns on a spaceship. The theming was excellent, but there was too much strobe and a constant assault of disinterested clowns jumping out.

Dr Frights delivered again and we are firm fans that will be visiting every year to see what they come up with.

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