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In the months that follow a successful mission for the ‘Infection Rebels’ at the Courthouse in Birmingham the end of Harvertech is in sight. This huge historic mansion holds the final piece of the plan Sir William Jay, the founder himself.

Intel suggests the building in surrounded by not only his top guards, but hundreds of infected. You’re objective, infiltrate the mansion, abduct the creator and find the answers the world needs!”

Event Review

Straight out of Resident Evil Zombie Infection have secured another fantastic location, Wollarton Hall aka Batmans Mansion is the most impressive and grand location yet.

Continuing the story from previous events we were tasked with gaining access to the mansion and solving the final piece of the puzzle ending with The Creator.

The start of the event was quite standard with everyone taken to the toilets and checked in by a hi-viz wearing employee, we were then led across the grounds of the Mansion to our starting point… A loud gunshot in the distance signalled the start of the event, I can see what the crew were going for with this but this was one of the weaker event beginnings as the audience did not really know what was happening.

We all retrieved our weapons one by one then set about gaining access to the Mansion. The chaotic start to the event was fun and made use of the location well. There was some confusion in exactly what we were doing, this was due to the number of participants vs the number of soldiers able to deliver the story.

Once we were inside the mansion we were treated to another snippet of the story then divided into groups to complete missions. The location is a museum so the puzzles were designed to fit into the space. These were quite clever but they almost felt too clever and would be more suited to a Escape Room style event rather than a zombie experience.

The event moved along at a good pace with us having to make a decision as a group as to how we would end the experience. I feel like this had no impact on the ending but it was fun none the less.

The finale has the classic Zombie Infection blast off where we get to empty our weapons into the ‘final boss’ along with the rest of the zombie horde.

The Mansion has some brilliant moments and used the building to its full extent. The scenes on the roof and the basement were particularly fun.

Zombie Infection have a number of different locations and each event has something unique, The Mansion is definitely worth visiting on its limited run.

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