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Fun Halloween Nights Out. 5 Horror Mazes, Street Food, Bar & Live Music at a Bedfordshire farm. You won’t want to miss it!

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The Howl is a subsidiary event from the creators of Tulleys, and you can see that big budget production value going into their event. Starting in 2015 this was the first year we have visited. With 5 mazes, street vendors and entertainment the scream park was great fun.

The 5 mazes all felt very different with interesting themes throughout. Moving from Hillbillies to Red Riding hood the park did try to create some new and innovative ideas. Halloween events still cannot break its obsession with clowns, but even though we are tired of them, lots of groups are still terrified at the sight of a clown!

The actors throughout the mazes were energetic and committed, which can be hard on a seasoned group that isn’t always scared!

The festival atmosphere is proving to be popular with scream parks, tempting people to spend more time in the park between mazes. This gives some much needed respite between the scares for some of the casual halloween event goers.

The Howl is a solid Scream Park for those looking to have a fun evening out.

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