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You wake up in a morgue

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Dead on Arrival room at Trappds Billing Aquadrome branch allows up to up to 6 people to escape from becoming an unwilling body donor!

Blindfolded and led into the room we were given the option to be restrained, which we took eagerly as we like a challenge. Taking on the room as a group of two made the task even more difficult as we were down a pair of hands from the start.

We quickly found the key to the handcuffs then got on with solving the puzzles. The entire game has great theming, with the morgue feel conveyed very effectively. The subtle music in the room actually heightened the experience, and is the first time we have seen music used very effectively in an escape room.

We were monitored visually and clues were conveyed audibly throughout the experience. The audio system was a little crackly and made clues hard to understand, luckily we did not need more than 2.

The first major puzzle in the room saw us using a prop to discover a code, this in our opinion just didn’t make sense to us ever though we were on the right lines. After this initial frustration we flew through the puzzles (Helped by the fact we were escape room veterans)

There are no live actors in this room but one particular very simple scare, scared the life out of one of our team! This is a good room for small groups who have experience in escape rooms, die hard horror hunting thrill seekers will enjoy the excellent theming and related puzzles.

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