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Locals whisper of an old village that appears in darkest Suffolk every year. Ghosts, ghouls and other creatures stalk the night  are said to be able to cross through from the Other Side. They talk of it as a Haunted Village. They call it Scaresville. Some say these are just stories, others won’t say anything at all – are you brave enough to investigate?

Event Review

Scaresville is back again. One of the big names in the UK scream park game, we know what to expect from this event.

The ‘Unfairground’ had great atmosphere, but seemed to be lacking in live actors this year. We did not do the escape room as we had done this in previous years.

The attraction starts at the famous stables, a familiar place for seasoned Scaresville attendees, We say this every year but what we love about Scaresville is the variety of scares, this year did not disappoint with some new and inventive scares that had some of our group jumping.

Group bunching is still a problem, although this is inevitable with the numbers they put through the event on the busier days. The clever techniques are still in place to keep groups apart.

Overall there was no huge changes from the big overhaul in 2018. A few new scares, notably the mad max wasteland scare and the church scene were particularly good. The team are constantly changing and building which is in our opinion what keeps the event up there as one of the best seasonal attractions.

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