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The Horror at Hinchingbrooke House is an interactive and realistic horror experience located in the famous haunted grounds and house in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The most famous characters from the horror genre come to life within the confides of the house to produce a unique, terrifying venture where the public become….. THE VICTIM!

Experience pure adrenaline and terror as you journey through dark rooms, forests and hedge mazes being chased by axe wielding freaks, chainsaw maniacs, killer clowns, demonic creatures and more!

Event Review

This is the first year we have managed to visit Hinchingbrooke House, we had heard excellent things and we were very excited to finally get to experience the house and grounds.

The car park was very full on arrival and the lack of any attendants or ground markings meant that parking was a bit haphazard.

We entered the courtyard of the house and that was where the real horror started, not the scarers or the event itself, but the toilets… The temporary portaloos resembled festival toilets on the last day of the weekend.

The queue for the main house was very long, with the consolation that once you were in there would be no more queues, this is one long multi maze scream event from start to finish.

Once we entered the main house the scares started! As we moved through the rooms the scares came indifferent shapes and sizes, from hanging things to actors singling out members of the group. The natural setting of the house allowed the theming to be fairly minimal and still create a passable effect, there was nothing spectacular on offer here.

Moving onto the outside section we were greeted by some chainsaw wealding ‘Purge’ people. Our group were not particularly scared by these which prompted an almost out of character aggressive reaction from these characters, which became a running theme of the whole event (more on that later)

Notable parts were the School set, themed around online urban legends, although basic and not particularly scary was effective and looked great. The outdoor sections of the event created downtime and were a nice relief between zones.

Now onto the terrible aggressive conduct of the actors. At one point in the night one of our group was hit by a chainsaw (not surprising as we counted around 6 separate chainsaw scares throughout) another member of the group was grabbed very hard and aggressively. There is no place for physical contact to that extreme during a scare maze.

Horror at Hinchingbrooke House had some great potential but seemed to fall flat at every turn, coupled with the ‘handsy’ actors this was our worst experience of the 2019 Halloween season.

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