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Explore the untold story of Hawkins

Adventure calls: gather your friends, pack your backpack and grab your walkie talkies. Hawkins needs you.

In a secret London location, dive into a living, breathing story to experience your favourite moments from the Netflix original series. New and old tales will blend together in a thrilling collage of the greatest decade for music, fashion and film.

Travel back to the ‘80s as you step into the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. But don’t be deceived by its charming exterior. In a town built on secrets you may be surprised to discover a more sinister truth than you had ever imagined.

Event Review

Our last Secret Cinema production was 28 Days Later back in 2016, this had a fantastic use of technology and incredible production value, the Stranger Things experience took things to another level.

As usual starting with cryptic emails and dress codes the Secret Cinema team build the hype before you are event at the venue. This was all done brilliantly, the introduction of an online shop helped you out with the 80’s fashion (not that you need to as most of it can be bought in primark at the moment!)

Arriving at the venue, the Star Court Mall exterior felt like it was literally pulled out of the show and placed in London. The theming throughout the whole experience was all completed to the highest level, with real shops, bars and food outlets littering the fictional town built inside the building.

The roaming actors were also excellent, Eleven ‘breaking’ a coke machine giving free cokes to everyone was one of the first things that happened and the interactions kept on coming. From playing D&D with the boys, to solving an angry clowns conspiracy the event was open for you to explore as much as you wanted. There were many scenes and areas we did not even explore, proving that the event had so much to offer.

The closing scene taken straight from the show had people crying in anticipation, which lead us nicely into the 4D experience.

Not being a ‘film’ Secret Cinema had to create something bespoke for the obligatory film part of the event. This was unlike anything we have seen before, using projection, live actors and custom video. This was inventive and interesting but did not do much more than summarise the first few seasons of Stranger Things, all be it in a interesting way.

Secret Cinema ‘immersive’ cinema experiences are transforming the way we view and experience media, this trend can only push other companies to do similar events as they  enhancing the experience for audiences and bring to life the worlds we love.

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