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Journey through a frightful evening of screams and laughter… eerie corners, blood-curdling frights, ghoulish entertainers, heart-pounding, adrenalin pumping, life-threatening fear… your worst nightmares come true!

Cursed at Wat Tyler Country Park consists of 6 scare attractions with lots of other scaretainment taking place around the park, guaranteeing a unique and great and different night out.

Event Review

Marketed at Essex No1 Fright Night, we entered the grounds full of excitement and anticipation. The queue was extremely long and did not seem to move for ages, there were no roaming scare actors outside, coupled with queue jumpers (as there were no staff outside) this made for a terrible start to the night.

After finally getting into the park we were free to do the different scare mazes in any order. We started with an outside maze over the back themed on Zombies. This was probably one of the worst scare mazes we have ever experienced, we literally walked around some hay bales, through a tent then we were done. The only thing that redeemed the maze was the single scare actor in the tent, who was so bad that they were good.

Moving on to another outside maze, build out of plyboard, themed on an old pub. This was one of the better mazes, with some of the best actors of the show inside. From this we moved on to our highlight of the night, which was the prison maze, this was themed really well and had some really interesting scares.

The entertainment for the night, consisting of a comedy thrill act in a tent, was fun and enjoyable enough for us to all keep watching, but we were waiting for something big to happen but it never did. It did not help that we visited on one of the coldest nights, a heater inside the tent would have helped immensely.

We finished the night in a Clown maze, this was near closing and this was very apparent as there were literally no actors in the maze. This was a shame as the theming inside was great.

Overall we were very disappointed in Cursed, with not a huge amount happening in the park and with most of the mazes feeling empty we felt that it needed double the actors and someone making sure people were working the mazes until the last people had left.

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