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Scaresville is a haunted village that mysteriously appears in the grounds of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk every autumn. You’ll enjoy (??!) over an hour of pure adrenaline as you journey through dark rooms, forests and open farmland.  There is no let up; no ‘safe’ zones in which to recover; no trailer-rides. By the time you leave, you will be exhausted from screaming and laughing so much.

Event Review

Scaresville is one of the big names is seasonal attractions, for this reason you know you are in for a good evening when attending. Set in the grounds of Kentwell Hall the attraction uses indoor and outdoor spaces, for this reason it is more weather dependent than other attractions. Scaresville is unique in that it is one long event, you start at the stables then head through the entire attraction. The plus points of this is that there is no waiting for separate mazes, the downsides are that groups often catch up to other groups and you all end up bunched up at the start or end of a particular section. This was very apparent when we attended with us watching the group in front experience the scare which ruined it for us. We attended on one of the more popular nights and the event was sold out, but we did feel there were too many people on the event.

The sheer variety of scares was excellent, if one thing did not work for you then you are through that section and onto something different, so there really is something for everyone. We did find some sections could have done with another actor or two, with almost all of Scaresvilles ‘scarers’ being volunteers this could explain the ‘dead’ spots in some areas, as on a rainy night who wants to stand in the woods for hours!

The event itself is still one of our favourites as it has great atmosphere and a huge variety of scares throughout. The quality of the props and sets were great, with the laughs and scares spread through the group excellently.

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