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Dr. Frights Halloween nights is an all indoor scare park spectacular hosting 4 intense horror mazes and the Horror Bar featuring all your favourite characters from the horror universe.

Event Review

Dr Frights Halloween night is an all indoors scream park in Northampton offering 4 unique horror mazes. This was our first visit to the park and we were not disappointed.

4 attractions may not seem like very many to anyone that frequents scream parks across the UK, but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Dr. Frights horror mazes come across as well thought out and professionally put together, with all the fear and humour coming to fruition at all the right moments.

The unique approach of Dr Frights is how they theme each maze around a well known concept. 2018 saw a very varied set of mazes from an satanic nightclub to hillbillies!

Another attraction unique to Dr. Frights is the “famous” horror bar, a fully themed bar serving horror themed drinks as well as delicious local cider to calm your nerves after clambering through the horror mazes. While you enjoy your drinks you can laugh at the poor unfortunates taking part in the mazes using there live monitoring screens, perfect for groups with members can’t quite handle the mazes but still want to take some part in the ordeal.

Parking and access to the site is no problem and the event is well organised enough that you’ll have no problem finding the site.

The only issue with Dr. Frights is that having only 4 mazes on offer means that the experience can be over too quickly compared to some of its competitors, that being said this is still one of our favourite screamparks to date.

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