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Deep in the woods of Brentwood, a blood-soaked path draws you towards a daunting desolate house. Dare to enter and be greeted by some of your darkest nightmares!

An immersive 4D experience, you become the victim as you are dragged through 12 rooms of sheer horror. Described as a real-life horror-movie, actors will twist and turn you through a maze of puzzles and psychological pain.

An experience so intense, participants will be required to sign a waiver before entering. Should you manage to survive the onslaught, you’ll get the choice to leave or brave Room 13.

Event Review

House of Horror popped up seemingly out of nowhere, there was some excellent teaser marketing which set the tone for something that looked to be different and quite exciting.

Marketed to be a 4D experience (Isn’t that just real life?) the event seemed to be aiming at crowds looking to do a more intense experience, with a lot of the focus being on ‘Room 13’ a room so terryfying you have to sign an additional waiver just to get in!

We have to say the website and images were fantastic, the outside of the building looked brilliant with a huge House of Horror sign.

The event itself was like a condensed scare maze lasting under an hour with a variety of rooms and different sections that kept you guessing as to what was coming next. The mixture of gore and humour worked well but we feel the build up to the show gave mixed messages about what to expect when we finally entered.

Exiting into the gift shop we were then given the option to experience room 13. We are no stranger to ‘extreme’ attractions and we aren’t huge fans. Our reviewer on this instance decided not to experience the room after hearing tales of full body soakings and extreme physical violence. This room divided opinion in our group as some of us feel that it goes to unnecessary extremes. We think it was a bit of a marketing stunt, did the extreme nature get people talking about the experience? Definitely.

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