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Somnai is an exciting “live VR” experience from dotdotdot studios that sees groups embark on a dark and twisted lucid dreaming journey mixing live actors with immersive VR to provide a mindbending experience.

Event Review

Somnai is an experience focused around your mind and more importantly,your dreams.

The event itself is a mixture of live actors, virtual reality and multi-sensory elements that work in unison to create a unique experience like no other.

Upon arrival, you’re asked to put on your pajamas, not the usual start to a scare experience.

The story is the main appeal to Somnai, with the scares being more psychological than your traditional zombie rush thrills, the more you let yourself be immersed in the VR the more susceptible you’ll find yourself becoming to that fear of the event.

The story walks you through a multitude of important moral decisions that you and your group will have to decide on, each of these decisions coming together to give you your own tailor made personal ending.

After the event you’ll be escorted to the in theme cocktail bar for some more VR coolness including “Patient info” about you and your experience and drinks that change before your eyes as you consume them.

This experience is clearly a labor of love, and that shows in the quality of the production. However, the usual limitation of VR applies in that because you know it isn’t real, it is somewhat harder to immerse yourself fully in the world that they’re creating.

Somnai is an affordable experience more so than a lot of experiences on the market and its London location means that it’s easily reached by train but attempting to drive to the event could be a bit of a nightmare.

If your looking for a mind-melting, immersive VR experience into the depths of your mind, then Somnai is for you, but if you want a gun in your hand and a cold sweat on your neck, then another more traditional scare experience is for you.

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