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The Last Survivors is an action packed zombie survival horror experience. This post apocalyptic zombie event is set in one of the most unique locations in the UK. The experience will see you not only taking down zombies but searching for video game type collectables to combat the infected… Will you survive the zombie infection?

Set in a real huge Ex Government Nuclear Bunker 100ft deep underground, this is as real as it gets! Built near Brentwood, Essex in the 1950’s to house over 600 people the bunker is still fully functioning. Once you enter the grounds be prepared for anything! Each event features over 2 hours of story driven zombie combat through the pitch black bunker, armed with only your torch and your weapon will you survive?.

Event Review

The Last Survivors: Contagion is the newest version of the experience for 2018, bringing an updated story, weapons and props, The Last Survivors keeps getting better and better.

What we love about The Last Survivors is their constant updates and tweaks to the event. The producers are huge horror fans, both movies and computer games and this shows in their attention to detail, even down to the character names (Actors and Characters from Romero’s Day of The Dead)

The newest version is The Last Survivors: Contagion this brings an update to the story, changing the style of the infected and with that bringing new weapons. The new weapons (M4 style rifles) are bigger, louder and pack a punch. They now also allow headshots which definitely adds to the realism of the zombie experience.

The event itself is similar but with an overhaul on props (the collectables look brilliant) and several small tweaks here and there the experience is better than ever. Our re-visit had us faced with some new soldiers leading the mission, not afraid to pull you out of the group they had us laughing right up until things got serious.

With some brilliant moments of absolute chaos (cleverly planned chaos we think) our group scattered only to run into more infected at every turn… And lets not even talk about the Screamer.

Allowed the same freedom as in previous events, the mission felt more pressing with the introduction of a countdown ‘Contagion’ warning. As we neared the time to move out the infected seemed to grow in strength to the point that some of our group did not want to go back out into the bunker, choosing the safety of the ‘base room’. Event staying in the room they were treated to interactions between the soldiers and at one point an infected burst through the door, with the resulting madness being a highlight of the night for us.

After the final scene, we returned to the briefing area and immediately began swapping stories of infected battles. One small party were back for their 5th time and enthusiastically claimed the event really is different on each visit, the free roam element really does make for a unique experience every time. The Last Survivors: Contagion is running through 2018, and if you have not experienced the new version of the event, it is definitely worth a re-visit.

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