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This now Asylum ex orphanage in Liverpool is famous for its haunted corridors and stunning architecture! With multiple abandoned levels, dorms, medical wards, basements, kitchens and even a school you’ll have the time of your life fighting the undead around every corner!

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Zombie Infection asylum sees squads of survivors infiltrating an abandoned asylum in search of missing survivors and the cure to the zombie outbreak.

This experience offers 3 hours of movie like zombie asylum action. There is an option to upgrade your gun (for an additional cost of course) but we decided that given the £90 price tag on the experience itself, paid upgrades just seemed a bit EA games studio levels of cheap.

The location is of course an incredible setting for a zombies event and the staff (human and zombie) give it their all for a very immersive experience.

This event is not for the feint hearted and without a doubt takes place in the best of any of the locations on offer from the zombie infection brand.

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