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The Last Survivors is an action packed zombie survival horror experience. This post apocalyptic zombie event is set in one of the most unique locations in the UK. The experience will see you not only taking down zombies but searching for video game type collectables to combat the infected… Will you survive the zombie infection?

Set in a real huge Ex Government Nuclear Bunker 100ft deep underground, this is as real as it gets! Built near Brentwood, Essex in the 1950’s to house over 600 people the bunker is still fully functioning. Once you enter the grounds be prepared for anything! Each event features over 2 hours of story driven zombie combat through the pitch black bunker, armed with only your torch and your shotgun will you survive?.

Event Review

Zombie events are everywhere but The Last Survivors was one of the first, and in our opinion is still one of the best.

Starting with their location, an Ex-Government Nuclear Bunker, you cant get a more apocalyptic setting. Their website does not give a lot away which only adds to the mystery and immersive quality of the experience. Running on select dates, The Last Survivors feels like a quality and exclusive experience. From the moment of booking (if you are lucky enough to get a ticket) you are directed to research giving you back story on the event, it is these touches that separate it from the other ‘Scare’ events jumping on the zombie bandwagon.

Arriving at the location, the before mentioned Nuclear Bunker, you are truly in the middle of nowhere. Signs direct you to park and wait, which built the tension before we even left our cars. Without giving too much away, the next 2 hours were an immersive rollercoaster filled with laughs, scares and an incredible experience that we will be talking about for a long time. The soldiers running the event were excellent, they kept us in the story and kept up the pacing of the event (they also quickly and very kindly dealt with someone who wanted to leave as they were too frightened without us hardly noticing).

We were allowed freedom to explore the bunker (something that is not often done) leaving the mission up to our group, which made for some very organic scares and really put us outside our comfort zone.

The detail of the props, costumes and zombies was excellent, the use of the audio system, laptops and some clever twists really gave the event the computer game / film feel. The event ramped up until the final trip into the unknown and a full scale epic ending really rounded the story off nicely.

In summary, with their fantastic location, excellent actors and immersive story The Last Survivors is something that every true zombie fan should experience.

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