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Join the Infection Rebels in a fast paced experience set across an amazing 18th Century Courthouse. The event mixes immersive theater, mind blowing action, escape room puzzles and movie quality realism over an adrenaline fueled 2 hour zombie frenzy.  You’ll be thrown into a story that will have you fighting along side a post apocalyptic rebel group (The Infection Rebels) as you try to save their colleagues, expose HARVERTECH and rid the world of the deadly infection!

Event Review

The newest location from Zombie Infection is The Courthouse, this event differs from the others in that it includes some ‘escape room’ elements along with the normal zombie storyline. We were keen to see how this would work and were excited to take on something different in the zombie genre.

The courthouse itself is fairly unassuming with a large car park nearby getting to the actual location was easy enough. We waiting by a large door with several nervous looking guests and filled out the standard waiver form.

We were taken inside and delivered a short briefing by a female soldier, who in our opinion got the tone complete wrong and really was not strong enough to pull off the role. This set a terrible president for what went on to be a well acted and immersive event.

We were hooded and thrown into some authentic cells, which was a nice touch, only to get broken out by the ‘Infection Rebels’ who went on to escort us through the building and tease that we would be retrieving our weapons from the armoury.

A short puzzle and obvious death later we were all in possession of our M4 rifles complete with a torch, a nice touch for these dark and dangerous locations! Reaching a ‘base’ room we were tasked with unlocking 4 different areas to retrieve a scientist and research. The building itself was quite a maze and our entire group struggled to find our way around wasting a lot of time backtracking and looping the same area. The zombies were good, but they were too frequent at times when you are trying to search an area and they take more and more shots to go down.

The finale saw us working together to collect UV reactive samples and then taking down a ‘special’ zombie. The final set piece was nice, and led us to a blasting showdown against all of the zombies with everyone unloading their remaining ammo into the horde.

The Courthouse was a great experience with a story that tied the whole event together (something that can be overlooked on these events), the event also worked well for a relatively small space. Zombie Infection have a number of different locations and each event has something unique,

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