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Team up to defeat the zombie horde and escape Bunker 51 with Zombie Laser Tag. You are equipped with a gun to take out the zombies in an hour laser tag session. But be careful you don’t get infected and become a zombie yourself…

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This London based zombie experience is a military training style shoot em’ up held in an underground location.

The experience provides use of laser tag, paintball and airsoft weaponry against a host of live action zombies.

You and the rest of your group will be trained in a multitude of “life saving” zombie stopping techniques in order to progress through the day as the infection gets worse and the apparent threat increases.

For the hefty price you pay however you only get 2 and a half hours of zombie action, the beginning of which is mostly listening to soldiers and doctors talk and then shooting at paper targets.

When the time finally comes to battle some zombies, the actors are somewhat over enthusiastic, which unfortunately takes away from the immersion that the seemingly endless preparation tries so hard to create.

This is certainly a unique zombie experience, however parts of it seem unnecessary when other experiences offer a more rewarding zombie killing experience and a considerably lower cost.

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