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Let me tell you the tale of the Grimaldi Brothers, one kind and one kinda evil. Percevil made a deal with the devil for the Carnival to run forever but all deals come at a cost…that cost was his brother.

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The Howl

The Howl at Mead Open Farm is filled with screams scares and entertainment. 5 Horror Mazes, Street Food, Bar & Live Music in Bedfordshire. You won’t want to miss it this full moon!

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Variant 31

Are you convinced you could survive a horror movie? Are normal escape games too boring? Then test your meddle and survival skills against Variant 31. Toss your game controller aside, in this unmissable live-action video game event!

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Welcome to SOMNAI, a brand new “lucid dreaming” experience which promises to help you master your subconscious mind, by controlling your dreams. A mindbending VR experience.

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